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It's a Stickybun...
vaguely scattered musings
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old fashioned
I have finally finished Mansfield Park! I knew how it ended, because I saw the movie, but it was still wonderful to see how everything came together. Unfortunately, I must move on now to required reading. I'm gonna go track down Lilion, hopefully it's at the library here cause it definitely was not at the library at home. I also need to get sheet music for my songs. A trip to the library is very much due tomorrow.

My tentative song choices are: "I Remember" - Evening Primrose (Sondheim), "The Beauty Is" - Light in the Piazza (Guettel), and "Home"- Phantom (Yeston).

Not too sure about Beauty Is or Home. We shall see.

Anyway, Mansfield Park. Now I really want to see the movie again. Though, the Fanny in the movie is not at all like the book Fanny. They made her a bit more lively in the film, which is understandable. I have to share one of my favorite lines from the book, cause it just shows how clever Austen is:

"Too soon did she find herself at the drawing-room door, and after pausing a moment for what she knew would not come, for a courage which the outside of no door had ever supplied to her, she turned the lock in desperation, and the lights of the drawing-room and all the collected family were before her." Pg 153.

That just perfectly describes Fanny's personality. I love it. I do see a lot of myself in Fanny, though I like to think I'm not completely like her. She can seem a bit boring, but I just love that Austen made the quiet girl the heroine. So, that makes me love Fanny, that she succeeds, with her serene demeanor, firm beliefs, and quiet, unassuming personality. Get it done girl.

3rd-Jan-2009 08:14 pm - Almost leaving
Things to tick off my CAP hw list:

R&H paper
Tales of the South Pacific- "The Heroine" + "Fo'Dolla" (read)

Films watched:
South Pacific

That was better than I thought I would do. I am leaving on MONDAY to go back to ny. It's always sad to leave home :(. Rehearsals for Bye, Bye, Birdie start on tues. I'm a bit nervous because this is my first college show and I feel a little pressure. I'm just really glad that I don't have classes while rehearsals are underway. That'll be nice. Of course, that's the price you pay for having a shorter break at home.

Next to-do:
pick and prepare the three songs for vocal perf.

avatar group hug

what. a. relief. I actually can not believe I sat down and did it today. I was just in a get shit done mood today I guess. maybe cause its new years... And i also made dinner tonight for the fam. I wanted to make a nice new years dinner and it was actually really good, if I do say so myself:

Minted lamb w/this crazy weird sauce (white wine, dijon mustard, garlic, olive oil. I was scared for the mustard but it worked nicely)
Sauteed green beans
Mashed potatoes
Italian bread (did not make bread, haha)

The only thing was my mom had to work tonight so she didn't get to have dinner with the rest of us. I guess that's what leftovers are for.

I must say, my paper writing spree was most helped by my kickass instrumental mix I created. A continuous loop of the beethoven, George winston, mozart, and the nutcracker/swan lake, withLord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Narnia, and Pirates thrown in there. kick. butts.

31st-Dec-2008 05:43 pm - Here I Am
Wonderful Luna
I haven't updated in forevz, so here it is! I just need to say that I'm gonna so miss writing 8's. 8's are my most faves number to draw. Now we're moving to the 2009. 9's. not as fun. hm.

About how winter break was supposed to be-- pleasure reading(!) time. Most unfortunately I have a buttload of hw to do for studio. I will now type it all out:

Vocal perf: prepare three songs from select list of composers that they gave me.
acting: write a 5 pg paper on Rodgers and Hammerstein; watch all the R&H shows on dvd; pick a song, any song, to insert in the tennesse williams scene you worked on this past semester; read lilion, green grow the lilacs, and selections from Tales of the South Pacific.

alright, so it's not that much, but that paper is vaguely annoying. The picking the song for the williams scene is kind of amusing because my scene partner and I had already picked a song for our scene before we got the assignment. Word of your body from SA. It's perrrrfect. During one of our rehearsals we even sang through it. haha..set.

I got Harry, a history for xmas! It's so wonderful. I wrote melissa anelli, the author, a letter. I haven't sent it yet, but basically its thanking her for the book. It brings you back to that crazy awesome time, waiting for the books. I'll admitt that I cried a bit during the last chapter. I love harry! And I love how she mentioned the sugar quill, on, basically, every few pages. SQ totes deserves all recognition. It's so sad that the whole site is basically archived now. It had the best, most intelligent discussions and the best fanfiction. Come back, little sugar quill!

I'm reading Mansfield Park right now. It's so delightful! I've realized that, if I were a jane austen character, it would be fanny. Is that good or bad? hm.

I'm going to create a "to do or die" goal for today: write two pages of my R&H paper. great. ONWARD.
27th-Nov-2008 10:39 am - Turkey turkey turkey
avatar group hug
mother daughter
About how Sarah called it from the beginning. GO SARAH! I just came around to the idea a few episodes back. Craig is SO the mole. He was a really good one. Really good strategy, just being the nice guy who everyone liked. The racap made me actually like Paul. He was pretty funny and played a good game. And he's a New Yorker. Oh yeah. And he ALSO gave us THE best mole moment. Ever. I mean, We're singing PAUL FREE! IN VAN NUMBER TWO! hahahaha. perfection. Mark definitely deserved to win. He wanted to win so bad for his family so get it done Mark. And he did. AND, I'm sad to say this, but Jon still can not compare to Anderson. Anderson was SO FUNNY as the host. He had a great personality. He was charismatic, not to mention very very HOT. I still remember that one time (prolly season 1) everyone was running around some city completing some mission and they ran up some steps to get somewhere and ANDERSON was sitting there just eating a SANDWICH and they were like, "hey Anderson, how's your sandwich?" and he all had a mouth full of sandwich and he just nodded "it's good" and the players just went on and did their mission. LOL. high-larious, Anderson. He gets it. If JON ate a sandwich I wouldn't laugh like I would Anderson. Anderson's sandwich pwns Jon's sandwich. I'm sorry. JON seems like a nice guy but his voice is bleh to me. Though, when he talked in his BABY VOICE that one time it made me LOL a lot. So, Jon's Baby Talk pwns Jon's sandwich, but is still pwned by Anderson's sandwich and hotness.
2nd-Aug-2008 12:08 am - Oh, yeah.
mother daughter
mother daughter
Day Three of "Tennessee Williams Week" and I have yet to spend some time with him. Well, unless you count opening to the first page of Night of the Iguana last night, but then The Mole came on and of course I had to watch it, because The Mole equals THE greatest reality show EVEH. It seriously is.

Update on CAP homework:

Listening Journal- 4 entries, 6 more to go. I had 5, come to find out, we're not allowed to do south pacific cause we're studying it in scene study this year. cruds. Well, at least I'm prepared for it..?

Music Theory: not even close to done. One quiz done, two more to go. I have to also analyze Wish it Were So, from Juno. It's a pretty song, but determining AABA, ABABA structure crap and pop chords will be a bitch.

Acting- 3 chekhovs read and done, one to go: Uncle Vanya. And of course Mr. Williams. One down, 3 to go (Iguana, summer and smoke, glass menagerie)

dance- my last ballet class is wed. :'''( But I'm glad I was able to take it and learn some new things for this year. Still have more movie musicals I'm assigned to watch, yet have not.

And then, of course, I have to prepare three songs for when I go back. You would think this is all work that I would enjoy, but like I said, music theory is a bitch.

er, where did the summer go?
28th-Jul-2008 01:45 pm - :/
avatar group hug
So, Saturday was my Day of Accomplishment. Friday night I made a "To Do or Die" list and (yay) did everything on it except one thing (damn, I guess I'm dead). But I still call saturday a success.

This week I have thus deemed "Tennessee Williams Week," CAP assigned me to read 4 Williams plays. 1 is done, so 3 to go and I plan to knock ALL out this week before Breaking Dawn comes out. Is it possible? I think so. Except, I engaged in no Williams yesterday, the first day of Tennessee week, so that doesn't bode well. But there is still time yet...

Sadness = being scheduled to work 4 days this week. Extra money, though less time for Mr. Williams

I should comment on the extreme sadness I experienced LAST saturday. The END OF AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER. I can not believe it's all over. no more avatar. The finale was seriously kick ass though. It ended perfectly, expect for a few uncovered holes >.>. (Where is Ursa!????!) That night I busted out my harmonica and sang of the fact that avatar is no more.. :''''''""((((
mother daughter
er, so the school year is almost over. My first year of college! Wow. I can't believe a year's gone by so fast [/rent]. I'm really stressing for this last week though. I have to write my final paper for Writing the Essay a.k.a. The WORST CLASS IN EXISTENCE! A course all about writing essays, my favorite thing to do in the world [/sarcasm]. They made me take it! I also have the dreaded DEMOs! Also known as Demonstrations, wherein I must sing. dance. act. and recite a sonnet (for voice and speech) in front of the ENTIRE FACULTY and my ENITRE YEAR! I'm all nerved up, but its life at CAP so I'll deal. I just hope I don't suck terribly, cause that would be embarrassing. Tues. is dance voice and speech and vocal tech...I think. Hm I should probably check on that. I know acting is on thurs. though. I'm esp. nervous about my scene. My partner is great it's just I'm not confident about it. It started out great as we worked on it in class and everyone said it was good and then, I don't know, the expectations got to me and as my teacher told me, we've kind of “plateaued.” O great muse, inspire!!!

Anyway, here's the material:

Dance: Got Me a Cadillac, Dream Girls (I think that's what it's called)

Song: I Have Confidence, Sound of Music

Sonnet: #60 “Like as the waves...” (I think that's the number :/)

Scene: Awake and Sing, Clifford O'Dets, the last scene, between Hennie and Moe

In in other unrelated things, I've been incredibly bad and watched all of the unaired eps of Avatar. ZOMG!!! They were so good, but I have spoilered myself beyond repair. I blame my roommate for telling me to do it. I think she just enjoyed hearing me squeak nonsensically while I watched it. Oooooh I can not wait for the new episode!!!! Can I just say....


I love zuko.

that was fun. I should post more often.

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