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It's a Stickybun...
vaguely scattered musings
January 8th, 2009 
old fashioned
I have finally finished Mansfield Park! I knew how it ended, because I saw the movie, but it was still wonderful to see how everything came together. Unfortunately, I must move on now to required reading. I'm gonna go track down Lilion, hopefully it's at the library here cause it definitely was not at the library at home. I also need to get sheet music for my songs. A trip to the library is very much due tomorrow.

My tentative song choices are: "I Remember" - Evening Primrose (Sondheim), "The Beauty Is" - Light in the Piazza (Guettel), and "Home"- Phantom (Yeston).

Not too sure about Beauty Is or Home. We shall see.

Anyway, Mansfield Park. Now I really want to see the movie again. Though, the Fanny in the movie is not at all like the book Fanny. They made her a bit more lively in the film, which is understandable. I have to share one of my favorite lines from the book, cause it just shows how clever Austen is:

"Too soon did she find herself at the drawing-room door, and after pausing a moment for what she knew would not come, for a courage which the outside of no door had ever supplied to her, she turned the lock in desperation, and the lights of the drawing-room and all the collected family were before her." Pg 153.

That just perfectly describes Fanny's personality. I love it. I do see a lot of myself in Fanny, though I like to think I'm not completely like her. She can seem a bit boring, but I just love that Austen made the quiet girl the heroine. So, that makes me love Fanny, that she succeeds, with her serene demeanor, firm beliefs, and quiet, unassuming personality. Get it done girl.

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