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It's a Stickybun...
vaguely scattered musings
Got to Get You Into My Life, Mr. Williams 
29th-Jul-2008 12:23 pm
mother daughter
Day Three of "Tennessee Williams Week" and I have yet to spend some time with him. Well, unless you count opening to the first page of Night of the Iguana last night, but then The Mole came on and of course I had to watch it, because The Mole equals THE greatest reality show EVEH. It seriously is.

Speaking of The Mole...Season finale is next week, the final three, and I KNOW who the mole is. I also know who will win. ohdiamond, I completely agree with you now, Craig is definitely the mole. And I think Nicole is going to win. I'm actually scaring myself because last night was the third week in a row I called who was going home. It started with musician guy (don't know his name). When they sat down to the execution I got sad cause I thought "oh, no, musician is going home. He was my favorite!!" But how did I know that? And he was even called first and I thought "hm, that's weird, that's the first time a person called first is executed.." Why did I think that!? And sure enough, BAM, red fingerprint, he's gone. Same thing with Clay. When they sat down, I said, "Hey mom, Clay's going home." then, BAM, mole's next victim. And it was then, that I thought, "hmmm, I think Paul is next." Then, what do you know? Paul goes home last night. Like I said, scary. I think it's what Malcolm Gladwell is talking about in his Blink. Snap Judgements, your sub-concious taking information and talking to you in just a quick second and then you know.

Update on CAP homework:

Listening Journal- 4 entries, 6 more to go. I had 5, come to find out, we're not allowed to do south pacific cause we're studying it in scene study this year. cruds. Well, at least I'm prepared for it..?

Music Theory: not even close to done. One quiz done, two more to go. I have to also analyze Wish it Were So, from Juno. It's a pretty song, but determining AABA, ABABA structure crap and pop chords will be a bitch.

Acting- 3 chekhovs read and done, one to go: Uncle Vanya. And of course Mr. Williams. One down, 3 to go (Iguana, summer and smoke, glass menagerie)

dance- my last ballet class is wed. :'''( But I'm glad I was able to take it and learn some new things for this year. Still have more movie musicals I'm assigned to watch, yet have not.

And then, of course, I have to prepare three songs for when I go back. You would think this is all work that I would enjoy, but like I said, music theory is a bitch.

er, where did the summer go?
29th-Jul-2008 11:33 pm (UTC)
Its definitely Craig! I will be so shocked if its not him! I'm sad Paul went home, since even though he was a jerk he played the game really well. And I'd rather see Mark win over Nicole. He tried so hard in every mission and Nicole messed them up every chance she got.
30th-Jul-2008 12:38 am (UTC)
I know!!!! I would much rather Mark win, because he has a family and he's a teacher so he's poor! and Nicole is a doctor, she doesn't need the money. Though, Nicole did play a good game. And props to her for the being the only girl left.
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