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It's a Stickybun...
vaguely scattered musings
WHO . is. THE MOLE. ?. aka basically best reality show ever. 
11th-Aug-2008 11:17 pm
mother daughter
About how Sarah called it from the beginning. GO SARAH! I just came around to the idea a few episodes back. Craig is SO the mole. He was a really good one. Really good strategy, just being the nice guy who everyone liked. The racap made me actually like Paul. He was pretty funny and played a good game. And he's a New Yorker. Oh yeah. And he ALSO gave us THE best mole moment. Ever. I mean, We're singing PAUL FREE! IN VAN NUMBER TWO! hahahaha. perfection. Mark definitely deserved to win. He wanted to win so bad for his family so get it done Mark. And he did. AND, I'm sad to say this, but Jon still can not compare to Anderson. Anderson was SO FUNNY as the host. He had a great personality. He was charismatic, not to mention very very HOT. I still remember that one time (prolly season 1) everyone was running around some city completing some mission and they ran up some steps to get somewhere and ANDERSON was sitting there just eating a SANDWICH and they were like, "hey Anderson, how's your sandwich?" and he all had a mouth full of sandwich and he just nodded "it's good" and the players just went on and did their mission. LOL. high-larious, Anderson. He gets it. If JON ate a sandwich I wouldn't laugh like I would Anderson. Anderson's sandwich pwns Jon's sandwich. I'm sorry. JON seems like a nice guy but his voice is bleh to me. Though, when he talked in his BABY VOICE that one time it made me LOL a lot. So, Jon's Baby Talk pwns Jon's sandwich, but is still pwned by Anderson's sandwich and hotness.
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